Pioneer of Offshore Temporary Refuge in Indonesia

Pioneer of Offshore Temporary Refuge in Indonesia

12 Oct

Temporary refuge system is an integral aspect of a functioning oil and gas offshore platform. It has been a necessity to be integrated to any offshore platform after the infamous Piper Alpha incident, a ruling legitimised by the Cullen Report in 1990. In an unfortunate case of an incident or an accident, the safety of personnel should be a top priority. The features of a temporary refuge system include lockdown from smoke or toxic and flammable gas. In addition, the air quality and pressure of the TR has to be in comfortable and safe condition for the personnel.

Inside the Temporary Refuge complex shall be assure these vital systems:

  • Electric energy assured by battery storage
  • TLC-Radio system  
  • Emergency lighting  
  • Drinking water system
  • HVAC system (to assure an acceptable temperature inside the vital rooms)
  • Breathing air system
  • Fire fighting system (Inergen system for the electrical rooms)


All vital systems shall be able to run also under this alarms

  • Loss of pressurisation.
  • Both duty plant fail to operate
  • Intake damper open and F&G signal
  • Internal H2S levels Y Internal CO2 levels Y   Fire detection


In the early 2017, it is established in Indonesia that every oil and gas offshore platform should be equipped with a temporary refuge unit. With extensive experience in HVAC and oil and gas industry, Eskimo is capable of procure a Temporary Refuge unit for offshore platforms from the designing process up to its installation. We are one of the few contractors in the world who have the capabilities of Temporary Refuge procurement.